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Protecting Your Assets - Business Owners & Corporations

As a business owner or key corporate executive, you shoulder the responsibility for the continuity of your business and, of course, you want the company you've built to thrive and prosper, even through difficult times.

Whether you're a sole proprietor, part of a corporation, or a partnership, having a formal plan eliminates the threat of forced liquidation-and assures many more tax advantages than traditional disability insurance contracts.

You also want to hold on to as large a share of your hard-earned profits as you can.

Today, when tax laws and IRS regulations are constantly changing, yesterday's solutions aren't always the best. We will develop projections and help you find employee benefit programs that will enable you to convert business profits into personal tax-advantaged benefits for you and your employees. Qualified retirement or pension plans, including 401(k) and Keogh plans, are one answer to the tax dilemma.

Non-qualified plans have the same goal as qualified plans: to defer highly taxable income to retirement and help put business profits to work for you.

Non-qualified plans, however, permit you to target benefits toward key personnel and include deferred compensation packages, supplemental retirement programs and Golden Handcuff plans.

Choosing the right plan can seem like an overwhelming decision. We will carefully analyze your situation and guide you through all these complex options.

Then we will help you make wise choices, based on the age of your work force and the size